Machine Automation Group

“… 100% defect free product is achieved from a combination of defect prevention and detection and containment.”

Who We Are

We design and build automated machines and equipment for you. Our innovative solutions mitigate the challenges that are present in an ever-changing global manufacturing environment. Our goal is to ensure the success of your projects through increased efficiency, reduced cost, and reduced potential for human error.

What We Do

We provide an array of custom built, engineered to order, automated systems and equipment to fulfill the specific needs of each customer. Our focus is to solve problems using innovative solutions that are integrated with your existing operations.

Value Add

Machine Automation Group - Tapping MachineMachine Automation Group - AY111 112 Cross Drill StationsMachine Automation Group - Pneumatic Clip Inserter AMachine Automation Group - Twin Spindle Drill Machine

Waste Elimination

Machine Automation Group - PM10 InspectionMachine Automation Group - GM Detent InspectionMachine Automation Group - BN135 Pin InspectionMachine Automation Group - TRW WD200 Knee Can InspectionMachine Automation Group - BN130 Hub Inspection

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Machine Automation Group - HY315 Drill MachineMachine Automation Group - GM Converter Assembly CellMachine Automation Group - Grease Can O-Ring MachineMachine Automation Group - GM Rivot Assembly