A Need for Productivity Improvements

There are underlying forces that create a never-ending need for automated solutions:  growing demands for increased productivity; a shrinking reliable and capable work force; and the drive to be market competitive. 

These are processes or machines that perform operations which convert material into a product. These products can be marketed and sold to a potential customer. This could be a machine that uses raw steel as material and performs operations that physically change the shape, form, or content to make a salable product. Another example would be an assembly system that aggregates a selection of incoming components into a final salable product.

Machine Automation Group - AY111 112 Cross Drill Stations
Machine Automation Group - PM10 Inspection

These systems can be added onto an existing process which may have met its maximum capability but does not meet the customer’s requirements. Usually, projects that are focused on waste elimination are inspection systems. Inspection systems provide a level of containment of potentially flawed product from getting to your customer. Our systems can also be designed to provide offline data collection or in process feed back to help control the quality level of an existing process.

These solutions utilize the full potential of the Machine Automation Group. They are both Value Add and Waste Elimination systems. Based on years of experience we develop the production process to the expected capability; the processes for monitoring and part verification is then built into system. These systems can be expanded to provide additional information for ongoing quality requirements per the customers needs.

Machine Automation Group - GM Rivot Assembly