Value Add Solutions

These are processes or machines that perform operations which convert material into a product. These products can be marketed and sold to a potential customer. This could be a machine that uses raw steel as material and performs operations that physically change the shape, form, or content to make a salable product. Another example would be an assembly system that aggregates a selection of incoming components into a final salable product.

Quad Spindle Tapping Machine

The Quad Spindle Tapping machine uses a manually loaded clip to feed parts into a locating fixture where it is held for drilling and tapping operations. Once it is properly located and verified for proper part identification, the part is locked down for the drill and tapping units to advance in sequence to perform the required operations. The part is then checked for proper hole alignment; depending on the result the part will exit via the standard chute or, will be discarded into a secure reject bin.

Machine Automation Group - Tapping Machine
Machine Automation Group - AY111 112 Cross Drill Stations

Cross Drilling Tool Pack Station

The dual-spindle cross-drilling tool-pack station provides quick and easy maintenance, adjustment and changeover flexibility. The station is specially designed for a rotary transfer machine. Once installed, it will provide for extremely tight tolerance adherence. The customer commissioned two sets of these cross drilling stations for processes that produce a family of parts.

Automated Assembly Clip Insertion

The Automated Clip Insertion machine provides the customer with an efficient means to insert assembly clips into a metal frame for use in downstream assembly. The consistent and highly repeatable process is required to meet the high mix component products that the customer provides to its market place.

Machine Automation Group - Pneumatic Clip Inserter A
Machine Automation Group - Twin Spindle Drill Machine

Dual Unit Drilling Machine

The Dual Unit Drilling machine has the ability to use various “mini” tool packs for variations in part family requirements. The machine detects each mini tool pack that is installed and varies its operation to accommodate the new part requirements. This approach will save on change-over time, capital investment, maintenance costs and operator training.